Journal 1/30-2/4

3 Feb

Economic fairness is a free market economy where everyone has equall opportunity, where the government cannot regulate industry. In addition, i believe that in order to be economically fair, industries should be required to uphold common standards. I believe that it is impossible for everyone to be economically equal, so this is the only viable form of fairness

Nietzche believed that everyone should live like a child, doing whatever they wanted. He believed that there was no point in trying to improve life, so it is best to vice like a child, doing whatever you wanted.

My ideal place would be inside a video game where you have unlimited lives. So you died or made a bad decision you could just try the level again. And you can fight with ninjas if you get bored. And you can randomly kill people if they annoy without consequences.

I want to have the most fun possible in my life. Life is short, so I should live it to its fullest.

Wow I’ve been really screwed this week because I decided not to listen in any classes or do any homework, to see how I would fare. Now I have no idea what is going on in physics and I feel retarded.


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