Chapter 26 key questions

16 Feb
  1. Both civilizations differed in their reactions to the surge of Western power. The Islamic empires gradually lost power. Because they had more contact with the West, they didn’t have to deal with the sudden power surge of the Europeans. The Islamic empires were able to retain more aspects of their traditional civilization, as opposed to China. China had long viewed the Europeans as barbarians and was shocked to realize that the so-called barbarians had become more advanced than them. The Chinese refused to recognize this, a fatal mistake that ruined Chinese civilization. In addition, they both differed in their response to new Western technology. Muslims incorporated more Western technology, in comparison to China. China remained more isolated, which proved fatal.
  2. The Africans were never as technologically advanced as the Europeans, so it came as less of a chock that the Europeans took over. The Islamic heartlands and China were used to the Europeans being barbarians. Also it doesn’t appear that the Europeans were able to exert much cultural influence in Asia as they did in Africa Asia doesn’t appear to have been fully colonized by Europe like Africa either at this point. Trading was also vastly different. Europeans traded mostly slaves with Africa. To China, Europe traded mostly opium, due to a lack of European goods that China wanted.
  3. First the French conquered the Mamluks of Egypt, through Napoleon. However, the British then defeated the French at the Battle of Abukir in August 1798. This was the start of British influence, although direct British control didn’t ensue. The British sent ashore an expeditionary force that crushed Orabi’s rebellion and secured the position of the khedive. Later, the khedives sold many shares of the Suez Canal to the French and British. Eventually the khedives became British puppets. For the next few decades, British dominance continued through the puppet khedives.

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