29 Feb

1. Sisyphus was charged with having withheld information from the gods.

2. He tasted life again and wanted to keep living. Therefore, he remained living even though he actually already died.

3. He is the absurd hero because his whole being is exerted towards accomplishing nothing.

4.His passions were for life, and the Earth.

5.The moment when he makes it to the top and the rock rolls back down the hill particularly interests Camus. This is because Camus believes that at this moment, Sisyphus is superior to the gods due to his

6. Consciousness is important so that he can think on his way back down. The gods left him conscious so that he would be in eternal torment, but it is this same consciousness that allows him to think and give meaning to his life.

7. Sisyphus’s torture is at the same time a blessing according to Camus, which makes it paradoxical. At the same time that he is being tortured, he is also receiving meaning to his life.

8. The absurd victory is that he wins even though he has actually lost. Though he fails to roll the rock up the hill, he wins on the way back down.

9. The fact that he has to go up and down the hill for ever never stopping makes the feeling of absurd arise.

10. Humans can decide whether they are happy or not. Regardless of the absurd or reality, mankind drives fate by making their own decisions.

11. By concluding that all is well he engages in the absurd and is therefore happy according to Camus.

12. The fact that men make their own morals supports Nietzsche’s argument. For example, though Sisyphus is in eternal torture, he manages to stay happy.


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