19 Mar

3/19- Over the break I didnt go anywhere outside of the DFW area. I went to two chess tournaments, and met Hikaru Nakamura, the number one chess player in the world. In addition, I did my history project, and just chilled, I had a sleepover and hung out with friends.

3/20- GI Joe is my hero because he is the real American hero, according to his ad. And ads never lie, so he must be a true hero. In addition James jackson is my hero because according to dillon he is a hero, and that must make him a true hero. In addition, though with great effort, he managed to separate the yellow and white sheet. As it took him a long time, this must have been very difficult, and therefore he is a hero for completing this monumental task.

3/21- quiz

3/22- i going to protest through noncompliance by not writing a journal…. But I just wrote a journal by writing that, so I failed in my protest.


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