Drowned man questions

28 Mar

1. At first, the children simply play with the body, because they think it will be fun. The women don’t realize how special he is until they wash away the filth from his body, and then they see how beautiful ‘Esteban’ is. The men don’t understand why they feel that way because they haven’t seen his face, but when the women remove the sheet, they, too, are in awe.

2. The drowned man is bigger than every accommodation that they have in their village. No clothes fit him, he will not fit in beds, and he wouldn’t fit through doors, could he walk.

3. The drowned man becomes, to the people of the village, a symbol of everything wonderful that they’ll never know.

4. The villagers’ spirits become altogether more lively. They are going to alter the boringness of their town in order to make it a place more fit for someone like Esteban. They are going to paint their houses, widen the doors and floors, and they’re going to plant flowers in the rocks.

5. The story is, altogether, something a child would truly understand. Thus the subtitle “A Tale For Children” fits well because children better understand the acceptance and adoration.

6. I think so, yes, because even though a giant washed up on their beach, they act like it is completely normal.

7. The story shows that when people are imaginative and can believe in things that they normally wouldn’t, they are able to become universally more imaginative.

8. In regards to the power of myth, Marquez is saying that you should put a little bit of stock in myths because you never know when they can turn out true”

Marquez’ Nobel Prize Speech

In his speech, Marquez address the colonialism of Europe and the Latin American culture and how the countries have been affected by foreign policy. His speech helps raise the awareness of the sufferings Latin America, in history, had. He states that countries need to stop viewing Latin America as an inferior and it should be given a second chance at its fate, solitude.

Faulkner’s Nobel Prize Speech
Faulkner states that everyone who is in the Cold Wa period is worried about being killed. He says that writers need to start educating the people how to endure and prevail and love life for the positivity. I agree because if we all live in fear we won’t appreciate what we have been given and that’s that is the only way we can move forward in life and grow internally.


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