9 Apr

4/9- who you are changes based on the circumstances. It is not socially acceptable in any cases to be who you are. For example, if you are a stripper, it is not acceptable to randomly strip down in public, so if you have an above level three morality, you can’t be yourself. Credits to mrs Huston.

4/10- I carry dillon, who carries the team, so I carry dillon and the team and whatever the team is carrying.

4/11- You are not going to get anywhere without both. If you have a great ei, but you are dumb, then you can’t become successful. But even though you may have no people skills, you can still do some jobs that make a lot of money, but don’t need ei. but every job requires at least a little bi t of I’ll. therefore, iq is more important

4/12- a true story that never happened
One day I bought k-Swiss big shots, following the advice of the great will folger. And that is how I got my big shot.

4/13- one day I died. This is not a true story but it is actually true according to that guy that we are reading about.


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