The man I killed questions

11 Apr

1. He starts with this to convey the brutality of war

2. Tim does not know these details, he is making them up to give life to the killed man. If we dont give him a background, he becomes just another person. With a background he seems more real.

3. Tim is in shock after having killed his first victim

4. He keeps writing to show the reality of war, true or not

5. None of these are an absolute truth. Regardless of whether or not the story is the truth, he felt like he had killed the man, which is what he is trying to portray.

6. Whether he has a daughter or not,Kathleen is in the story to show how war veterans react when people ask them about delicate questions, like if they have killed someone.

7. We learn about what the war was like.regardless of the truth of the stories, the author conveys the meaning that he is trying to get across. The soldiers were just everyday people, war is brutal, and anyone can die at anytime.


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